Play is the language of a child. Here we speak the language of children and learn to play and discover through music, song, art and dance, both inside and outside the classroom.

Every young brain needs movement to develop and that’s why we believe in jumping, swinging, climbing and bouncing to promote cognitive and motor skills.

George-South Primary School’s Pre-primary consists of 2 sections, namely:

  • Grade RR (4 classes)
  • Grade R (5 classes)

Grade RR

Our Grade RR classes are at Tuinedal Congregation on their own campus. It is a safe, peaceful environment with more than enough space where children can play, run and discover.

  • Grade RR is a nice year of lots of fun where most skills are learned incidentally. It is here that a love for learning and going to school arises.

Grade R

Since grade R is the first year of a toddler’s life that he/she has to integrate into a more formal program, we would like to make it as fun as possible for them. That’s why our motto is: “Play-play we learn.”

  • The aim of grade R is to give toddlers the opportunity to develop in totality, namely socially, emotionally and cognitively. This is the preparation for Grade 1.
  • During this year, it is already possible to identify learners with learning problems and developmental delays and refer them to relevant therapists for support.